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Proper care of cut flowers

All flowers are charming, all depending on whether they are garden, field or greenhouse. They delight the eye, warm the soul, bringing notes of warmth and light to the gray everyday life. Unfortunately, the life of a cut flower is short, because it quickly fades and thus loses its unique beauty. If you want to extend the century a charming bouquet, then do not forget about the proper care of cut flowers.

Reasons for which cut plants fade:

The flower, which was deprived of connection with the roots, respectively, with its power source and support, can not further develop. But if you make some effort, you can save the beauty of the plant for a long time. The factors on which the life of a bouquet, deprived of roots, subsequently depends, cannot be changed. This includes various conditions: watering, feeding, growing. And other factors - methods of processing cut plants, methods of care and storage, the cutting process - just need to properly carry out.

Flowers fade because their capillaries physically can no longer be filled with water, so the sucking force weakens, and their plasma changes its structure due to the concentration of toxins and impaired metabolism. This is the first reason for wilting plants. The second main is the active evaporation of moisture. The fact is that flowers do not have enough strength to compensate for the loss of water in their own tissues. If the plants are grown in greenhouses, then they are weaker than their voluntary counterparts. After all, from a different microclimate than in greenhouses, they quickly fade. On top of that, the roots of flowers are much more absorbed into the water than the stems of plants. And, of course, it is detrimental for flowers to find them without water.

If you properly care for plants, you can not only stop their withering, but also turn back, though not for long. The bouquet will once again delight the eye with its bright and fresh look, but, unfortunately, this period of beauty and fragrance will end, and the life of the flower will gradually fade away. When the so-called wilting point reaches its limit, it will be impossible to return the life to the charming bouquet.

All life once ages, and it is an ordinary biological process for plants as well as for everything else. Only if you properly care for a flower - to keep it in natural conditions, with a developed and healthy root system, on the ground - then the life of the plant takes much longer (from a week to several months). You can slow down the process of wilting, if you cut the flowers in buds, remove dust particles from some types of flowers. But the best way out is to make an order and the flower delivery service in Minsk will bring a fresh bouquet to your home or to the office.

Ways to extend the life of the bouquet:

When the flowers are cut, each plant will live a different period. For example, if the daylily or bindweed stand in a cut state all day, unlike them, the poppy will last up to 4 days. Hesperis, marigolds or rudbeckia - about 2-3 weeks, and chrysanthemums will retain their beauty and freshness when they are in the water for almost a month.
Before you place the plant in water, you need to remove it from the package, remove all decorating ribbons and read the decorative things. Then you need to carefully check each stalk: the lower third of the flower is recommended to completely clean the leaves and lateral shoots, and spoiled and damaged leaves removed from the entire stem.

If the bouquet is slightly faded, then you need to shorten the stem quite a bit. To do this, wrap the flower with clean raw paper or plastic wrap, then immerse it in water with a temperature of 35-40 degrees.

In the same way, you can give freshness to a bouquet that is beginning to fade. It is necessary to cover it with a damp “shade” on top of the paper. But lilacs, roses and chrysanthemums have their own little secret: if you plunge the ends of their stems into boiling water for about 20 minutes, then these flowers will “come to life” again.

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