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How to extend the life of a bouquet of flowers?

Every girl and woman is pleased to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a gift. I really want the bouquet to delight as long as possible. But, unfortunately, very often he lives in a vase for only two or three days, after which he begins to fade.

The reason for the rapid wilting lies in the special feeding that is added to the water in flower shops. Left without additional, "usual" food, the flowers quickly wither and dry out.
However, not everything is so bad, there are proven ways that will help prolong the "life" of the bouquet.
Most importantly, before placing the bouquet in a vase, you need to cut off the ends of the stems of the bouquet with a knife. It is necessary to cut at least 4-5 cm, it is on them that the remnants of the dressing are located. The main rule of the first cut: the knife must be sharp and cold. Only with such a knife the damage caused to the stems is minimal.
Only warm boiled water should be poured into the prepared vase. The water temperature should not exceed 10 degrees. After the water is poured, dissolve sugar in it, based on the proportion: for 1 liter of water, 1 heaped tablespoon of sugar.
 Sugar is a natural antioxidant that helps to prolong the life of cut plants. Sugar also contains
a large amount of glucose, which contributes to the partial regeneration
of plant tissues.
If during the day the bouquet begins to wither, standing in water with sugar, you need
to fill the bathtub with cold water and  put the bouquet there for half an hour.
Withering in sweet water indicates that the bouquet was either frozen or, on the contrary,
was kept warm for too long.
After half an hour, remove the bouquet from the water and put it in a vase with clean cold water.
If your home has houseplant food, you can add it to the water for the bouquet.
In cases where the bouquet has stood for a week and began to fade, it is necessary to get it out of the water, rinse the stems under running cold water and prune it. Cropping is done in the same way as the first one. After pruning, the bouquet is placed in cold running water.
This method will extend the life of the flowers, but not for long.
The life of bouquets is always short, any efforts will not be able to give long freshness to cut flowers.
When the bouquet starts to wither, do not be upset; on the contrary, you need to enjoy its last fading beauty.

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