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Symbolism of flowers

“Million, million, million scarlet roses…” One can feel the aroma of fresh flowers…
Flowers are companions of human life. Not a single holiday, not a single tragedy passes without them. We express appreciation, respect, gratitude, sympathy with the help of bouquets. Sometimes we choose without hesitation, sometimes we look for the most unique one.
But each of the flowers is special. Each contains a symbolic meaning. This was actively used by Russian classics. So, Margarita from the novel by M.A. Bulgakova went out into the street, carrying yellow flowers in her hands. The color of anxiety - this is what the master will say about them. Or in the novel by I. Goncharov "Oblomov" the development of relations between Ilya Ilyich and Olga is symbolized by lilac. And poor Lisa from the story of the same name by N.M. Karamzina was selling lilies of the valley...
What meanings are fraught with such different, but in their own way wonderful flowers?
1. Roses
One of the most popular flowers embodies the whole gamut of feelings: from tenderness to burning passion. It's just a matter of choosing the color wisely. White - symbolizes the purity of the soul, purity, tenderness and care. Red roses speak of strong passion, sensual love and attraction. Yellow is associated with spring, sun, openness.
2. Tulips
These flowers are a real symbol of spring and the awakening of nature. They personify tender and unhurried love and sincere feelings.
3. Chrysanthemums
These are the flowers of true friendship, gratitude, respect. They do not speak of love, but they perfectly confirm the sincerity of the donor's intentions.
4. Lilies
A very mysterious flower. They are very ambiguous, perhaps due to the strong sensual aroma and the unique curve of the bud. They can be presented to bold, capricious, self-confident natures as a token of admiration.
5. Callas
By giving these flowers, you will tell about your admiration for the chosen one. A graceful bud is a symbol of sensual tenderness. Excellent as a recognition of outstanding, sophisticated natures.
6. Germini
These flowers are symbols of sincere friendship and gratitude. Suitable as a gift for open, charming natures with a broad outlook. The simple shape of the bud indicates the absence of secrets, intrigues, hidden desires.
Of course, each of the flowers is beautiful in its own way. But if you have not yet known the person enough or want to surprise him, approach the choice consciously, because with the help of a presented bouquet you can say much more than just words.

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