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The 14th of February. What kind of flowers to give?

You do not have time to blink, and come the most desirable, especially for girls, the festival of spring - 14th of February. On this day, men should solve the main problem that did not give rest: what to give the second half, mother, sister, daughter, colleague. Of course, this day is impossible without flowers. Flowers are a universal gift in this respect, pleasant both separately and in load to the main one.

Soon the men will begin to besiege flower shops in search of the most exquisite bouquets for their beloved women. It is a pity, but many representatives of the male half of the population are not very versed in the various subtleties of the choice of colors, but they take and give the same bouquets to all women.
It could not be simpler, he saw the addressee’s favorite flowers, asked to pack nicely, bought, presented. But it happens that the magnificent bouquet of flowers presented by you does not cause the expected effect. Therefore, in order to make the right choice and present exactly “that” bouquet of flowers, it is necessary to reckon with the so-called “flower etiquette”.
For example, flowers suitable for an adult woman, a young girl would not suit at all. No wonder that flowers, in ancient times, were considered to have special, and even magical, properties. It is clear that women sometimes do not pay special attention to the symbolism of a particular type of flower. But still, if a representative of the strong half chooses flowers with a creative approach, then representatives of the weak half will appreciate this work.
The color scheme of the bouquet is the basis of the correct choice. For example, white flowers, snowdrops, lilies of the valley, etc., are mainly meant for young girls, white is the color of purity and integrity. Red flowers, a symbol of love, are given to loved ones and close women. Pink flowers, symbolizing tenderness and awe, give to his beloved girlfriend. Yellow and orange flowers - a symbol of good and strong relations, suitable for almost all women. Blue flowers, a symbol of nobility and honesty, are presented mainly to men, but if they are presented in an elegant composition of crocuses and forget-me-nots to your girlfriend, she will appreciate them.
When choosing a bouquet for a woman, you need to rely on flowers with delicate shades - tulips, callas, orchids. A bouquet can be of any shape, no matter how bizarre it is. It can be decorated with all sorts of interesting and different accessories, but you should not forget about the person your bouquet is intended for: young girls are more suitable with bouquets of half-full-bloom pastel-colored flowers: pink, white, cream, lilac, and for aged ladies - bright flowers, rich tones burgundy, yellow, red, etc.
The social status of the addressee is also important.

For example, choosing a bouquet for your boss, you need to not forget her relationship with subordinates. A strict leader, who prefers to keep at a certain distance, will suit a discreet “not screaming” bouquet of flowers. If the team welcomes a friendly work style, you can choose warm and bright flowers: burgundy, yellow, pink and purple hues. You can also give your leader a flower in a pot.
The business partner needs to present a bouquet of large, bright and expensive, from all sorts of exotic flowers, original geometry and dark tones.
As it seems to me, we have already decided a little on the options and possibilities for choosing colors. We now turn also to an important problem - the choice of fresh and intact colors. It depends on this choice how long the woman to whom you presented your bouquet will be happy for him. It is on March 8th that the bursting, frozen, or even spoiled flowers are usually thrown onto the shelves. Well, the first rule is that you don’t choose ready-made bouquets and baskets, it is the defective flowers that fall into them. Ask the seller to make a bouquet on your eyes.
Your choice should not fall on the flowers of unnatural hues and tones (green, blue, poisonous orange). It is very likely that these are not fresh flowers, which in order to sell them, were treated with special dyes. It does not hurt to ask where the flowers come from: if the flowers are imported, they are more beautiful, if ours - they are fresher and more fragrant.
Pay attention to the appearance of flowers. They should look fresh, not be lethargic, not have twisted petals. Their appearance should be pleasing to the eye and uplifting. Try to squeeze the flower bud at its base, near the stem, if the bud is strong, it means the flower is fresh and will please the woman for a long time. If the petals are clean, do not have gray or yellow spots, the edges of the petals do not have dark stripes, then this is a fresh flower. If the petals are bent and released, they must take their original form.

Alone when choosing is worth - a rose. The first thing you have to look at is the so-called “shirt” - the outer petals covering the bud. Petals with green veins, not necessarily the correct form, moving from leaf to petal. The main thing - these external petals should be! The rose will then open slowly and will not crumble quickly. If there is no “shirt”, such a rose does not suit you, it is not fresh, to sell a spoiled rose, the seller tore off the last flabby petals, exposing the inner ones. For a long time such a rose will not please.

Any progress, no matter what it is directed to, does not stand still. Vendors have learned how to resuscitate a faded flower. The outer petals are removed, so that the flower cup does not fall right before our eyes, tie each cup with transparent plastic wrap, tie it with something bright, and then the flower looks fresh. Still sluggish petals are painted with shiny paint, sprinkled with varnish. It is clear that the taste and color - the owner does not, and you may like this decorated flower, but to call it alive - the language does not turn.
If the appearance of the selected flower satisfies you, look also at the condition of the leaves, they should also be fresh, not dry and sluggish. Pull the flower out of the vase, take it by the tip of the foot, the flower should not bend over. Look at the cut of a flower, if it is dark, it means that the flower is standing for a long time and very soon it will wither, without bringing particular joy to the person to whom you wanted to give it.

Look also at the water in the vase. If it is cloudy, greenish, has an unpleasant swamp smell, no doubt leave this flower shop. In a normal store, where the seller is worried about the condition of the flowers being sold, the water in the vase will be clear and clean.

Do not forget also that before you put the flowers in a vase, you need to cut off all unnecessary leaves, cut the stem at an angle of 60-70 degrees, make cross-shaped incisions twice. Notches should be not deep, from 5 to 8 cm long. Daffodils, tulips must be put in cold water. And if you put them in ice water, you can even more delight your eye with their freshness.
In order to prolong the life of roses, it is necessary to prepare such a solution: we take 50 - 75 grams of sugar and dilute one tablespoon of vinegar with one liter of water. Sugar is recommended as a life-giving substance that feeds almost all flowers. Roses, peonies especially like the solution of boric acid 0.2 grams per liter of water. Lilac loves 1.5 grams of citric acid per liter of water. Geranium will feel comfortable if three or four drops of vinegar are added to the water. After two days, the water must be replaced, after washing the vase well with soap. If the flowers lowered their heads, it is time to apply emergency measures to save flowers. Dip the stems of flowers in the water at a temperature of 70-80 degrees for 10-12 cm for a couple of hours. After the steam room you need to cut the stems and put them again in a vase.

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