How to choose roses?

If you want the rose presented by you to stand as long as possible and please the recipient with its freshness, then you need to properly approach its choice.
rosesFirst of all, pay attention to the bud. If the rose is fresh, it will be hard. The petals should not be cracked. Still unblown buds are not the best option. The most correct way is for the buds to be open about half or 2/3.
So that the rose soon did not hang its head, check the hardness of the stem near the very base of the flower and the freshness of the sepals (they should be directed upwards).
Next, look at the leaves. They should not be dry or wilted.
Variety also affects lifespan. Roses with an elongated shape are short-lived, no matter how fresh they are purchased and no matter how well you look after them. The most resistant are the following varieties: Osiana, Grand Prix, Raffaello. Avalange white rose can stand up to a month.
Do not buy roses in bulky packages. Often, this way hiding flaws. If you want to give flowers in a bright wrapper, it is better that they are packed right in front of you.
Do not be tempted by cheap prices. Usually, those flowers that need to be sold as soon as possible are discounted, as they will soon wither without finding a buyer.

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