The anticipation of gifts makes us very happy. Especially if they are still beautifully packaged. Take your time and see how your package will please your loved ones, give you joy and delight. How nice it will be to hear in response: "What an unexpected gift, it's a pity to open it!".
So, the first method called delicate roses:
It is necessary to take two colors of corrugated paper. Glue the rain along the very edge. Then lay both sheets on top of each other. Put a gift in the middle and wrap it tightly. Collect the ends of the paper, while forming beautiful roses from them. Peel back the petals gently. Tie the finished bouquet with rain. Wrap the paper joint carefully with paper.
2. Method. holiday package
Take a bright sheet of wrapping paper. Wrap your souvenir in it, but not very tightly. Measure the required width. For now, take away the gift. Fold the paper along the marked edge and seal with tape. Now we make the bottom: you need to bend the paper to the desired width, then fold both edges overlapping each other and glue. Put the gift in the middle, wrap the top edge. Turn everything to the other side and fold the top like a children's airplane. Make a bow out of the packing tape and attach it to the center with a stapler.
3. Way. original pleated
This type of packaging is perfect for a round gift. Pre-gather the paper into parallel pleated pleats. Make it so that they can be held from the wrong side, glue them with a strip of tape. Gift wrapping material is ready. Now take your souvenir and wrap it in paper. Secure it with tinsel, ribbon, rain. You can leave the top or tie it with a bow.