In modern society, it is customary to give flowers, mostly to women, while the representatives of the stronger sex are often neglected by men and women.

However, there are cases when men are still given flowers - in honor of a birthday, anniversary or a professional holiday. Many today are wondering - what should be a bouquet for a man? Choosing a male bouquet is not an easy task, and you need to approach it with extreme care. In the men's bouquet should be combined, above all, rigor and sophistication. Such a composition is intended to emphasize the masculinity of the person to whom it is intended, therefore rounded shapes, bows, ribbons and too delicate shades should be avoided.

Men, as a rule, do not like to show excessive sentimentality, choosing for themselves active life positions. This property of representatives of the strong half of humanity can be embodied with the help of straight and clear lines when creating a bouquet. Male bouquet should be bright, the focus is better to do on the natural beauty of flowers, and not on additional decorations. In such a flower arrangement will look great gerberas, roses, lilies or ginger. Choosing a bouquet for a man, do not miss the opportunity to use original solutions in the design of a flower arrangement. If you want to surprise and please the person to whom the bouquet is intended, add to it a small souvenir in the form of a stylized basketball or a golf club - it all depends on what exactly this or that man is interested in. Such a gift will not be ignored and will cause the hero of the occasion most pleasant and warm feelings.

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