Room roses, provided with meticulous care, can bloom up to six months. As a rule, these are small pot bushes of 35-45 cm. Room-rose flowers are very beautiful and have a pleasant aroma. How to care for a plant?
Firstly, pot roses are very light-loving plants. They need a constant light, so the best place for them is the window sill from the side of the sun. If there is none, or the growth of the plant falls on a short day, roses can also be highlighted.

Secondly, decorative roses need abundant watering, but do not pour with interest. An excessive amount of water in the soil does not encourage the growth of roses. Water should be added when the ground in the vase becomes completely dry. The water should not be cold, but not
hot. Also effective sprayer, if possible, they need to use 2 times a day.
Thirdly, the care of indoor roses also implies pruning. Be sure to cut them before winter. You need to remove not withered leaves, and branches. After pruning, the plant must be moved to a cool place with a temperature of 5-8 degrees. Pruned
rose and flowering period.
Pests such as spider mites and aphids can attack room roses. Do not be afraid of them! Affected plants should be rinsed under a shower and sprayed from pests. If you follow all these rules, the pot rose will grow healthy. After all, if you sue, her care for a bit, and the beauty and fragrance of roses are worth it!